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We strive to have the highest quality equipment to help each and every one of our athletes perform and recover at an elite level.


Get ready to score big with FieldTurf, the MVP of artificial turf sports fields! From football to soccer, baseball to rugby, FieldTurf has got your back, providing a top-notch playing surface that keeps athletes safe and performing at their best. And guess what? You can even rock your cleats, spikes, or turf shoes on it! Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your game.

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A300 Runner


Get ready to power up like a pro with The Runner, a game-changing piece of equipment designed to mimic the acceleration phase of a sprint. Top athletes worldwide swear by the A300 Runner to build up speed, power, and endurance. With Kesier's revolutionary low-inertia design, this gear is the ultimate secret weapon to unleash your inner speedster and dominate the competition.

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The Donkey is a versatile piece of equipment that enables athletes to perform various exercises, including reverse hyperextensions, rows, and back and hip extensions. It can be easily adjusted for height and user comfort and is suitable for improving core strength, midline stabilization, lower back rehab, and spinal decompression.

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Rogue Donkey
Sorinex Rack


With Sorinex's XL Series racks and rigs, adaptability is the name of the game. These modular and versatile pieces can be tailored to fit any space, transforming into a squat rack, power rack, pullup bar, bench press, and more. They're the perfect workout partners, ready to adjust and grow right along with your fitness routine.

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Revitalize your workout routine, enhance your muscle development, and engage in group training sessions from anywhere using the TANK M1. This innovative apparatus incorporates the same dynamic TANK technology you're already familiar with, now equipped with real-time training metrics and revamped features to elevate your training regimen. The TANK M1 offers the original TANK attributes that athletes hold in high regard, including adjustable resistance levels, a compact design, and easily detachable handles.

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Tank M1 Push Sled
A300 Belt Squat


Unleash mind-blowing leg and hip power with up to 800 pounds of resistance, minus any pesky shoulder or spinal strain! Say hello to the A300 Belt Squat - a true game-changer, especially for our towering friends, who can finally bid farewell to spinal loading. And that's not all, folks! With pivoting handles that cater to heights from 4'8'' to 7', and a broad base that accommodates countless training options, the sky's the limit. So, strap on your game face and go beyond your limits with the A300 Belt Squat!

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The Curve FTG combines the cardio of our Curve Trainer with 20 levels of resistance for an all-in-one superior workout solution. Designed to help the user exercise with proper form and technique, the patent pending handrails allow for bio-mechanically correct positions when pushing and pulling at various levels of resistance. Built at a minimum 130-degree angle the FTG was designed to reduce stress on the achilles – minimizing the chance of injury.

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Curve FTG


Meet Normatec Recovery Boots, your new secret weapon for post-workout bliss. With its sleeve-like therapy technique, these boots work like magic to relieve your muscles of pesky lactic acid and lymphatic fluids. Say goodbye to endless downtime between workouts and hello to speedy recovery with Normatec!

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