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Aaron Westerkamp
Media Director

Meet Aaron Westerkamp, the Media Maestro and Tech Wizard at Major Sports Performance! As the Media Director, he is the genius behind the camera, making sure your triumphant moments are captured in HD glory. Meanwhile, as the Back Office Tech Guy, he navigates the digital realm with the finesse of a ninja hacker (minus the hacking, of course).

On the tech front, Aaron is the guru navigating the digital terrain with the finesse of a seasoned athlete. Behind the scenes, he turns coffee into code, ensuring our virtual training ground stays glitch-free. If the website ever does a somersault, it's probably just him trying to perfect its landing. Feel free to reach out at any time for assistants. 

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  • President of the "Coffee Addicts Anonymous" club (because productivity starts with caffeine).

  • Member of the "Procrastinators Unite... Tomorrow" society (still working on the membership card).

  • Certified "Master of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V" (because copying and pasting is an art).

  • Official "Pro Snack Ninja" with a specialization in mid-afternoon munchies.

  • Recognized as the "Master Juggler" for successfully managing multiple tasks while juggling various deadlines (and occasionally juggling stress balls).


  • World-class nap enthusiast and aspiring blanket burrito architect.

  • Chief Executive Chef in my kitchen, specializing in the art of ordering takeout.

  • Head of the "Netflix Binge-Watching Committee," advocating for the right to finish one more episode.

  • Co-founder of the "Sibling IT Support" hotline – because who else would he call at 3 AM?

  • "Geek Squad" Member of the Family Edition – tackling tech troubles with a mix of expertise and trial-and-error.


Phone: 630-349-2581

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